Innovative ideas, application of various technologies to provide unique solutions to specific customer problems is what we do.

We strive to provide simple, easy to operate systems which are self sustaining, eco friendly solutions.

Subscribe to your recycling plant

You can subscribe to our new range of recycling plants for Car wash, Laundry wastewater, Grey water treatment, Labour camp wastewater recycling etc. No need for any huge investment, no operational issues. Just a yearly subscription and relax. We shall operate the plant on your premises, on your behalf. 

Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Highly effective method of wastewater treatment, based on Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) that can be applied on difficult to treat effluents. This process can be used either in conjunction with other technologies or alone, depending on the effluent characteristics. No limitations on the COD or COD : BOD ratios henceforth. Can be used a batch process.

Specialty Chemicals

Water Treatment

Wastewater Recycling Plants

Wildlife Park Water Treatment

Artificial lakes or ponds in the zoo are an integral part of the animal eco system and are to be maintained properly. Or else they affect the animal health index as well as lower the visitors happiness index.

Simple and effective way to a healthy pond is now a reality with our combination of organic chemical along with Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP).

Water Treatment Plants

Complete range of water treatment plants from multi media filters to fully automatic RO plants including DCS connectivity is offered by us. 

before treatment

after treatment (less than 24 hrs)

Pond Remediation

Our organic based chemical coupled with other technologies such as ultrasound, nano bubble etc can effectively keep your ponds, pools clean, devoid of algal growth.

chemicals are safe for humans, fishes etc. In fact the chemical is used in aquaculture for control of unwanted algal or similar growth.